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XR planen BereichsiconXR RIS timer 7.0 is a fast, easy-to-use and flexible electronic scheduling system and offers, in addition to time & resource planning, a personnel & vacation planning.

fast, flexible & easy

The XR RIS timer is a fast, flexible and easy-to-use appointment system that provides time and staff recource planing. The search and allocation of free appointments is completed within seconds even in large institutes.

XR RIS timer will make appointment suggestions autonomously, taking into account not only the wishes of your patients but also your capacities, examination blockages and sequences as well as exclusion reasons. Overbookings of medical related examinations are also prevented.

well informed & fully integrated

By linking the appointment planner with the RIS master data you increase the quality of the phone conversation and optimally prepare the patient for the visit in your institute through checklists and proper questions. All patient data, an overview of past appointments & examinations and a range of other useful information is already at your disposal when you make an appointment. That way you see whether for example the patient has another appointment, whether there are personal notations to the patient (e.g. allergies, VIP patient etc.) or if appointments may have not been noticed in the past.

The appointment search is done primarily via insurance number. An integration of a telephone system and an associated automatic search for a patient via phone number recognition is also possible.

By assigning a new appointment the patient is automatically pre-registered. When the patient arrives, only the health insurance card needs to be plugged in, which saves a great amount of time.

internet appointments & web check-in

The XR WEB timer offers the possibility to provide appointments for patients and referring doctors via internet and to bindingly allocate them. The examinations and periods offered over the Internet are released by you using a simple planning tool.

The telephone effort in the appointment is significantly reduced and you can offer your patients & referrers a 24/7 appointment service.

patient service & adherence of appointments

The XR RIS timer can automatically remind your patients about their appointments by SMS or e-mail. Before sending, XR checks whether the patient has agreed to an electronic appointment reminder - if there is a corresponding declaration of consent, the transmission will be completely automated within a predefined time period and with examination-specific texts. The patients can import the appointment into their personal calendar and reply to the SMS or e-mail to postpone or cancel the appointment.

This reminder service is not only extremely popular with patients - it also demonstrably increases the adherence of appointments and your workload and planning quality.

made for radiology

Our appointment system is a planning tool especially developed for radiology and can be used in a CT and MR operation, X-ray, mammography and ultrasound, in NUK, therapy or osteo areas.

Appointments for many examination rooms can be planned, opening hours and the timing for each room can be determined individually, while taking the length of the examination and blockages into account and combined with personnel planning. A quantitative evaluation of the collected data is also possible.

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