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XR Radiology Suite or XR Radiology Select - The modular design of our XR product line is developed to give you a simple decision-making and cost-transparent solution.


The XR RadiologySuites are designed for those who like an "All In One" solution and would make a clever combination of our proven individual products. We have conceived 8 suites for different needs and requirements, and tailored for the required number of modalities, PCs and workstations. For those who want it rather flexible and independent, there is RadiologySelect. Depending on whether you are missing a specific software or if you want to replace a third-party software, you can simply choose from the many components of our product range.




The XR RIS products are the basic equipment for your entry into the digital radiology. XR RIS provides support in all routine operations of your X-ray, CT, MRI, or NUK facility:


XR RIS timer 7.0: appointment system, time & resource planning, personnel & holiday planner...
more >

XR RIS manage:
patients and finding management, workflow management & diagnosis, accounting and statistics... more >

XR RIS self-check-in: self-registration system more >

XR RIS speech recognize / record: voice control, on-& offline speech recognition, voice recording & playback...
more >

XR RIS worklist / procedure: modality integration, work lists & radiation dose, automated process control... more > 

XR RIS memo / scan / 2nd view: structured medical history collection, document imaging, second opinion... more >


XR-PACS brings the vision of filmless radiology into reality. XR-PACS is the optimal support for every radiologist who wishes to work without film and rationally. The detailed product range is:


XR PACS archive:
online & long-term archiving, image distribution and prefetching...
more >

XR PACS imagepro:
diagnostic workstation, multi-modality - multi monitor reporting... more >

XR PACS 3d / cad:
plugin for MIP, MPR 3D reconstruction and CAD image recognition... more >

XR PACS docu/print/sono
CD/DVD production, A3/A4 paper documentation, dry laser documentation... 
more >

XR PACS store / query: modality integration, third-party image query... more >


The XR WEB applications are your key technologies to more mobility & flexibility. XR WEB functions as an external communications interface and represents an extremely powerful and safe expansion of the functional spectrum of your clinical software:

XR WEB telework:
web dictate, web image diagnosis, diagnostic quality... more >

XR WEB access:
internet appointment scheduling, online image and finding inspection, diagnostic quality... more >

XR WEB transfer / retrieve:
image & finding shipping , image and finding reception, electronic assignment... more >

XR WEB connect:
site networking, distributed work...  more >

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