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XR dokumentieren BereichsiconThe area "document" gives you a better overview of the variety of medical documents and offers you a controlled image and report documentation.

structured report preparation

The workspace “document” provides a clearly structured procedure for creating reports. The transcriptionist can sort his / her writing / correction list, on which all not yet vided reports are displayed, according to patient names, dictating doctors or delivery times and therefore can act in a coordinated manner.

While selecting the patient, the dictation opens and Microsoft Word launches. Using foot switch and headset, the dictation can be intercepted and the report can be written manually or the speech-recognized text can be proofread. By using Microsoft Word, there are no restrictions on the layout of the report, formatting or standard reports - they are freely definable and can be stored centrally in the simplest way.

With the possibility to provide reports with an electronic signature, the reports are released or vided and can then be issued or shipped. When the output type is detected, an output or shipping list is automatically created. On the one hand this is used to control the TAN / SMS or mailing and on the other hand it helps to avoid misunderstandings when picking up reports. When handing out reports, patients can be conveniently called up by barcode - the system then automatically notes when and by whom the report was issued.

secure versioning of reports

XR RIS manage includes a version management for reports. The reports are automatically read-only when created or released and they can only be edited again by creating a new version.

This guarantees that the exact same version of a document is always in circulation and prevents overwriting or altering the report documents. For external documents, this mechanism is also available..

ultrasound paper documentation

XR PACS sono is a software that enables the connection of non-DICOM-capable ultrasound devices.

The US-images are digitized via video output of the device, converted to the DICOM format, further processed by our DICOM print server and stored in the PACS archive.

With a foot key or mouse any number of pictures can be "photographed" and stored by the US-device.

Instead of thermal paper or film the images are documented on conventional A4 paper including your letterhead, on a black and white or color laser printer.

referral-oriented image documentation

XR PACS docu allows you to specify how images should be documented using a configurable rule system.

Based on the preferred documentation method for referrers it can be specified whether he wants to receive the images on film, paper or CD / DVD or whether he would prefer to view the images via XR-WEB. Of course it is also possible to define globally whether certain examinations e.g. should always be documented on film or on CD / DVD.

XR PACS docu contains print layouts for the 20 most common examinations & combinations including the tagging of key images.

simple CD & DVD production

XR PACS cd/dvd enables either the manual production of CDs & DVDs with a conventional burner drive or the workflow-controlled, automated media production by robot. The production can e.g. also be filtered according to BIRADS values.

All pictures and reports of the current visit, on request also the previous examinations, will be burnt on CD or DVD.

In addition to the DICOM images, our viewer version of XR PACS imagepro is also burned onto the media. This allows your referrers and patients to conveniently view the images without software installation.

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