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The area Documenting will create a better overview of the variety of medical documents and provides a controlled image and report documentation.


integrated document archive
XR RIS manage has an integrated electronic patient record which will give you a better view of the increasing number of medical documents between.

Thus, documents wich incur under the radiological workflow or be introduced from the outside can be archived in a structured form to a patient. > Workflow 

All incorporated documents are classified and can be viewed with the appropriate viewers.

It will support a variety of file formats and it can, for example, Office or PDF documents, faxes, TIF, DICOM, BMP, JPEG, or GIF images save in the document archive of XR RIS manage.

For each type of document can be given a archiving period. Thus, for example informed consents lifted considerably longer than temporarily imported preimages or findings. In order, the the document archive grows only in the degree which is really necessary.

safe finding versioning
XR RIS manage includes a version management for results. The results are automatically write-protected with the attestation or after release and can be re-edited only by creating a new version.

This guarantees that, despite corrections always the exact same version of a document is in circulation and it is therefore an override or modify the finding documents prevented.

For external incorporated documents this mechanism is also available if this is implemented as recommended by the EHR standards.

systematic findings Issue
With XR RIS manage, it is also possible to gather the output type and output time for the findings.

Thus, when issuing the findings it is immediately clear whether the patient eg wants to pick up the findings on a specific date, or whether he wants to get them sent by post or whether the findings will be sent electronically to the referring physician.

If the output type is gathered, XR RIS manage automatically creates a so-called output or mailing list. This serves the purpose of checking the mail and helping the other to prevent misunderstandings in pickup of findings.

The patient can be conveniently accessed via a barcode and it will be noted when and by which person certain findings were issued.

Finished findings may also be shipped in electronic form in connection with XR WEB transfer by fax, email or voice mail system (MedicalNet - HCS / DaMe - Telekom). Also, the simultaneous delivery to multiple referrers is easy to administer.

defined image documentation
XR PACS docu offers the possibility of using a configurable rule system to specify how the images should be documented.

Based on the preferred type of documentation for referring you can indicate if one referring doctor wants to get sent the images electronically or whether he would prefer to see the images over the Internet or the intranet.

In addition, you can define whether the image documentation should be made for certain examinations and referring physicians on paper printers, laser imagers (film) or on CD/DVD.

The paper documentation can be done in black / white or color, in A4 or A3 format on DICOM and Windows printers.

XR PACS docu contains print layouts for the 20 most common investigations and combinations, including the possibility of printing certain photographs enlarged.

automated CD/DVD documentary
XR PACS cd/dvd allows either a manual production of CD`s & DVD`s with a conventional burner drive or workflow-driven, automated media production by robot.

Automated CD/DVD documentary is across modalities. It burnes all the pictures of the current visit, if desired, also the images of previous investigations and the findings on the CD/DVD. With an acute mark set in XR RIS manage, the CD/DVD production can be ranked forward by some patients.

The CD/DVD 's are automatically labeled and marked with patient name, birth date and investigation and with your practice address in an arbitrary design.

Besides the images in JPEG and DICOM format our viewing software XR PACS imagepro viewer is also burned onto the media. This allows your referring physicians and patients to view the images fast and easy over the Internet browser or the starting of the CD/DVD viewer - they have no software to install.

ultrasonic paper documentation
XR PACS sono is a software that also enables the connection of non-DICOM-compliant ultrasound equipment. Sonographyimages be exposed via the PC, managed, stored and printed.

The ultrasound images are digitized on the respective video output of the device and converted into a DICOM format. This eliminates costly upgrades or the purchase of new ultrasound equipment.

With a foot pedal or using the mouse as many images from the ultrasound device can be "photographed" and stored. During the investigation process itself, it is no longer necessary to produce still images. XR PACS sono is so fast that you can document simultaneously during the investigation.

The investigations are documented on on traditional A4 paper instead on film or thermal paper. The pictures are printed in grayscale or color in a print quality of 600 x 600 dpi. Over a black and white or color laser printer, you can then create a printout with the patient and examination data, and the letterhead of your practice.

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