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XR planen BereichsiconXR RIS timer 7.0 is a fast, easy to use and flexible electronic appointment system and offers in addition to time- and resource planning, a personal & holiday planning.


fast, flexible & easy

XR RIS timer is a fast, flexible and easy to use electronic appointment scheduling system that provides time-, resource- and manpower planning. The search for and allocation of available appointments are completed even in large institutions within seconds.

So, XR RIS timer submits you independently proposed dates and takes into account not only the needs of your patients but also your capacity, examineblockings and -sequences as well as reasons for exclusions. Overbooking of doctor-related investigations are also prevented.

optimally informed

By linking the scheduler with the RIS master data, you increase the quality of information of the telephone conversation with the patient and prepare him with checklists and correct questions as "What kind of preparation needs the patient for certain tests?" or "On what do I have the patient call attention?" ideal for the visit to the institute.
The appointment entry happens preferred by SV number (90% of patients know their SV number by heart!) or date of birth and surname. A telephone system integration and an associated automatic search of the patient via caller identification is also possible.

This will show already during the registration all the data of the patient, an overview of past appointments and examinations and a number of other useful information. So it can be seen immediately whether the patient already has another appointment or if there are dates in the past he has not perceived, whether thera are personal notes to the patient, whether the patient is a VIP or whether he might have an assignment to bring. With the appointment entry, the patient will automatically pre-registered. At the actual appearance of the patient you only have to insert the e-card and confirme the examination, which is a huge time saver.

higher quality of planning

The scheduler can remind your patients automatically via SMS and / or e-mail to their appointments. The shipment will be fully automatically in a predefined period of time and with exam-specific texts. Patients may respond to SMS or e-mail, and so postpone or cancel an appointment.
XR RIS timer also has a "standby list" to insert another patient in case of an appointment failure.

If a patient has canceled his appointment, moved or simply forgotten, even deleted events can be found via a simple patient search again.

appointments via Internet

XR RIS timer has the option to offer your patients and referring doctors appointments via Internet.

You are up 24 hours and 365 days a year for your patients and referring doctors. The referring doctor or the patient has no direct access to your calendar. There will only be offered the advanced, by you defined periods or date suggestions.

The Internet appointment will help you to reduce your telephone costs in the allocation of examination dates and improve your service to your patients and referring doctors.

made for radiology

Our appointment system is a specially designed for radiology planning tool and can be used in X-ray, mammography, ultrasound, CT, MRI, NUC, therapy or osteoarea.

Appointments can be scheduled for any numbers of examination rooms. Thereby opening times and the timing for each room can be set and the duration of the study and blockings of depressions can be taken into account and can be linked with a manpower planing. Quantitative analyzes of the collected data are possible as well as their graphical representation.

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