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About us

the company

D.A.T.A. Corporation AUTOMED has specialized in the development of High-End software for radiological sites. Our software solutions are tailored to the needs and requirements of radiology.

The integrated RIS, PACS & WEB Software XR 5.8 represents a unique product on the Austrian market which meets the demands concerning function, efficiency and use.

For over 25 years we have been continuously and actively developing the XR products in close cooperation with our clients and equipped them with new functions and features. 

Thanks to our clients, we have been able to become Austria’s market leader with our integrated XR RIS, PACS & WEB total solution in recent years - and we were able to maintain our position.

Our processes meet all the demands of a modern software company. Both our software and our internal processes comply with the provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Therefore, an open and modern platform is available for you, whose continued existence and further development is secured – this means to already be prepared for the future today and it guarantees a high investment security.

the software

XR 5.8 is a RIS, PACS & WEB software in which all processes of radiology are displayed and integrated. This creates a consistent workflow and a simple use on a uniform and homogeneous user interface. Possible interfaces are fully integrated into our products or are entirely eliminated due to the uniform data model. By using the latest technologies and the high degree of integration and automation, XR helps to save your time and money. 

For example we offer a patient-self-check-in, support the electronic communication service (eKOS), enable a flexible, cross-location diagnosis and we provide a secure image- & result download via TAN / SMS and other referrer-oriented web services. Radiation dose data can be taken directly from the examination device into the diagnostic findings and of course our software is prepared for the electronic health record (ELGA). 

Despite the enormous scope of our software, XR is intuitive and easy to use. XR 5.8 is built process-oriented and offers a role-based access to all relevant information and tools. XR products can be used in radiology departments of hospitals as well as in specialized medical practices, ordinations, institutes, ambulances or multiple medical practices.

your satifaction

Our highest priority is your satisfaction! This only works with solutions that truly suit you.

Our highest priority is your satisfaction! This only works with solutions that truly suit you. We respond to your wishes and needs, our software is highly flexible and adaptable to your individual needs. More than 1000 system settings allow us to tune and adjust XR to your requirements.

Of course, in addition to our XR software products we also offer the corresponding hardware, consulting for IT & organization, installation & customizing as well as training & standby.

With our D.A.T.A. service contract, which does not only include the maintenance itself but also a wealth of additional services, you are always on the safe side. 

Our intention? To prevent all eventualities and to be your personal contact for all matters in relation to your IT. If you have any questions during operation, our competent and specialized staff members at our D.A.T.A. support hotline will be glad to support you by phone and via remote maintenance. 

We hope that we can enthuse you for our XR 5.8 and win you as a user.  After all, we want our software to help you get the most out of it and turn it into a profit for you.

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