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About us

About Us

The D.A.T.A. Corporation AUTOMED has specialized in the development of high-end solutions to the radiology facilities. Our RIS, PACS & WEB software, short-XR, is tailored to the special needs and requirements of radiology.

The XR products are continuously and actively developed and equipped with the latest functions and features in close cooperation with our customers for over 16 years. In addition, we are constantly striving to automate work processes to increase efficiency and optimize.

Our RIS, PACS & WEB is already the fifth version of our XR software and the latest generation of our products. XR 5.7 is the most important component of our completely new developed XR RadiologySuites - the transparent IT for radiology.

Service is our success

We see ourselves as your partner for all questions concerning the practical operation, not only as an IT provider. In addition to our XR products, we also offer the corresponding hardware and the full range of services such as installation, customization, training, stand-by, IT and organizational consulting, etc.

The most important thing for us is your satisfaction and therefore also the appropriate care and service quality. We offer a comprehensive service contract which not only includes the maintenance itself, but also a wealth of supererogation.

Thanks to our customers, we were able to rise to the market leader in Austria with our XR RIS, PACS & WEB total solution  - and also assert ourselves. 

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