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XR abrechnen BereichsiconThe functions and tools contained in the area "invoice" enable accurate billing and control and also provide meaningful statistics and evaluations.

tested & certified

XR RIS manage is a software package that has been tested and certified by the Hauptverband der österreichischen Sozialversicherungsträger and guarantees the correct allocation of costs with all health insurances. The accounting is performed directly by electronic billing or via medical data networks.

Self-explaning abbreviations or only a catalogue of examinations are used when gathering the examinations; a descriptive text helps additionally. This leads to a simple and comfortable operation and a much easier learning of the examination code. During billing, the recorded data is prepared according to the requirements of the respective contract partner, "translated" and transmitted to the nomenclature of the respective health insurance company. The data is checked for plausibility before dispatch - so it is already possible to correct any errors in advance.

XR RIS manage provides you with optimal support for the creation and control of health insurance bills. You have the option to create checklists and individual activity confirmations for the respective funds. Clear reports allow an efficient control and good differentiation between expected and actual revenues.

accountancy & dunning process

In XR RIS manage all common POS rates are included and easy to update.

If special hospital tariffs or different private tariffs are used, they can easily be configured. The tariffs are taken directly into the statistics. In addition, there is a feature to quickly inform a private patient about what his examination will cost.

By recording the assignment status, note is missing - authorization is missing - deducted - dunned - paid, it is possible to create reminder & dunning letters.

integrated cash register

XR RIS cashdesk allows you to create an invoice directly in XR according to the legal requirements (e.g. financial data export, clean handling of cancellations, hash code generation, electronic erasure prohibition, data collection protocol, reporting, etc.) and to completely dispense with the purchase of a physical cash register at the same time.

This does not only safe money but also valuable time, as a double entry in two separate systems is completely eliminated and your workflow is not disturbed. An integration of your cash machine terminal is also possible.

simple & complex

On the one hand, the statistics fulfill the basic requirements of a statistical evaluation in order to give a quick overview. The simple evaluations are intended to answer questions such as "how many patients have been assigned by a specific referring doctor?" But even more complex questions such as "How has the average use been distributed over the various modalities in the last year?" Can be answered in this way.

Separate statistics are available for dictations and substitute accounting. For this purpose, examinations can be multiplied by an expense factor and they can be assigned to the dictating doctor and thus "fairly" invoiced.

meaningful statistics

The statistics of XR RIS manage help you to assess the capabilities of your radiology, to detect the structure of your assignments and to get an overview of revenues and their distribution to referrers & health insurances.

Basically it is possible to evaluate all data recorded in XR RIS manage. You can break down your data by patient, referrer or insurance and evaluate it by visits, examinations, services, time or money. In addition to the quantitative evaluations, XR RIS manage also makes it possible to obtain qualitative statements based on diagnosis.

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