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The XR WEB applications are your key technologies to increase mobility and flexibility. XR WEB serves as a communication interface to the outside and is an extremely powerful and reliable expansion of your possibilities. > Workflow


mobile web reporting
XR WEB is the software solution for digital image diagnosis for home and travel. The images can be diagnosed online in full diagnostic quality over the internet and digital dictations can be created to the patient.

The software can be used by yourself, and representing doctors for second opinion for teleconsultation and tele-working. With XR WEB telework, a diagnosis can be implemented across multiple locations.

The XR WEB telework image onlinediagnosis offers all image processing functions like XR PACS imagepro (see Diagnostics). Functions such as zoom, magnify, measure, windows, annotation, printing, and much more are also included, as well as the possibility of exporting the images into the jpeg format.

The online diagnosis is fully integrated into the workflow of XR. The images are immediately available after the investigation and it will be shown in addition to previous findings and possible allocations of the past. Finished dictations are immediately transferred to the surgery and can be written or said detected.

fast Internet image access
The XR WEB access Internet image and report access makes it possible to offer your referrers images in highest possible quality and resolution and findings over the Internet. You get such access to a fast and direct way of communication with your referring physicians.

Immediately after the diagnosis of an investigation, by you authorized referring physicians have acces to assign the images and diagnostic data of the patients.

With this type of image and report transmission, you can offer your referring physician or referring institutions a system-independent and fast service of information transfer, and you can use it for additional teleconsultation. For group practices, group accounts are available and for directly following medical specialists the image can be release before the attestation of the findings.

Your referring physicians need only an Internet connection and a from you assigned access code. The referring physician receives only access to the data of his patients. Furthermore there is the possibility to explain your referring physicians examination and treatment processes in more detail, learn more about your range of treatments and to showcase your special additional offers.

convenient appointment booking
XR WEB acces gives you the option to offer your referring doctors appointments via the Internet.

So you are reachable 24 hours & 365 days a year for your referring doctors. The Internet appointment will help to reduce your telephone costs in the allocation of appointments and to improve your service to your patients and referring doctors.

You are responsible for what periods, for which investigations and how many appointments you offer on the Internet. The referring physician has no direct access to your calendar, it will be offered to him only the from you in advance scheduled date suggestions. The internet appointment booking is secured and can only be used from persons with access authority and a private password.

The XR WEB telework & access applications are run in all popular Internet browsers. For the operation, no local installation is necessary. Also, the dictation works on laptops or PCs without any special hardware requirements. A headset or a microphone usually suffices completely.

There is the possibility to integrate the Internet appointment allocation and also the Internet image- and findings insight into your website.

secure data exchange
XR WEB transfer is intended to provide fast and reliable referring institutions with images and reports. XR WEB retrieve allows you to receive images and reports from external archives and data networks.

You can send your image and report data to external medical archives, whether to outsource your long-term storage, in order to exchange data with others or receive from outside. The XR WEB transfer / retrieve product line is currently used for example with the mailbox system of the company HCS / MedicalNet or Telekom/DaMe. For example, a connection to the tera.archiv at the Vienna Hospital Association (KAV), the Medical Archives (MARC) of the Styrian Hospitals and the Salzburg Federal Clinics (SALK) and others, we have thus made possible.

electronic image and report delivery
With XR WEB transfer, the images and / or findings will be immediately sent automatically and directly to a desired location after diagnose.

You can send image studies in the JPEG lossless format or transfer complete DICOM studies to your referring facilities via ADSL, cable or fiber optic. The DICOM standard ensures here the compatibility of all communication partners which are involved. Findings will be sent in electronic form via fax, email or voice mail system.

The image and report delivery happens under taking the in  XR RIS manage referring physician data and the preferred shipping method of their as a basisis. The image and report transfer takes place without repeated entering the fax number, e-mail or IP address. Also, the simultaneous delivery to multiple referrers is easy to administer. Findings and images which were not released or attestationed are automatically blocked.

receive data & electronic assignment
XR WEB retrieve provides access to stay data, images & findings of certain patients and allows to receive allocations from electronic medical records systems.

In XR RIS manage can then, at an existing treatment relationship, questions asked. The received data is then displayed in the field Findings of XR RIS manage and is immediately available for the diagnosis-physician.

XR WEB retrieve can also be used for the electronic submission of assignments. The transfer is directly available in  XR RIS manage in the form of a requirement list. Multiple or false entries are kept to a minimum and a considerable time saving is achieved.

secure site connectivity
XR WEB connect allows the secure association between two or more locations. The locations are linked via Internet leased line with static IP address with each other. These site links are possible even with lines from a bandwidth of 4 Mbit upload and download, which are now available to quite favorable conditions.

The advantage of this solution is that you can enjoy the full functionality and high performance of our XR RIS, PACS & WEB products at each location.

Applications areas are, for example "The CT machine is located on two houses," or locations exist for which a common data base is required, eg or a "radiological branch" is located in another village or district.

All medical data transfers shall be in accordance with the guidelines of Magdalena2 exclusively via SSL & MPPE encrypted and authenticated Internet connections.

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