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A fast and efficient reporting was the most important requirement in the development of the work area report.


The patient is selected only once and so get automatically displayed an overview of the previous finding results and previous images, the scanned assignment and medical history sheets are opened, the dictation will be started and you will get immediately perfectly hung up pictures.

A built-in filter groups the previous findings by appropriate investigations. You get an overview of the age, previous assignments and diagnoses, any existing comments, daily updated information from the RT's and the urgency of the result. All this with just one click or with a call per barcode.

speaking instead of typing
With XR RIS speech recognize, it is possible to convert naturally spoken dictation automatically into text. The time-consuming transcription and manually typewriting of the reports is not necessary.

The dictation is interactive, which means you get immediate feedback on how well your speech is detected, or at which point you are currently in your dictation. Dictation may at any time be interrupted and resumed. Moreover, you can freely decide at any time whether the reports be formatted or proofread by the physician or by a typist.

The usage of SpeechMagic7 also offers the advantage of a significantly better detection rate in a natural way of speaking and extremely shortened training times of only about 15 minutes. Local language habits or accents are no problem due to the usage of a separate Austrian dictionary and context.

Compared with the traditional method of creating reports, you save with the usage of speech recognition technology, up to 40% completion time of a document. XR RIS speech recognize makes you independent from staff shortages in the holiday season or during sick leave and helps you to save time and money.

structured reporting
In the examine area mammography, ultrasound and osteodensitometry, prefabricated report blocks and measuring parameters are transferred as DICOM structured reports from the examination units and reporting panels.

XR supports this standard and thus enables the automatic transfer of information directly into the reports. With the takeover, the layout and formatting can be adapted to the reports.

The effort to create reports can be significantly reduced and incorrect entries are avoided.

efficient second opinion
XR RIS 2nd view allows to consult two doctors and include them during the reporting.

The second reporting physician has a separate list in XR to handle the available cases and classifie them to Birads. If the second reporting physician comes to a different, discordant result, the relevant reports are tagged as "to control" to decide by consensus..

The second opinion is based on the criteria of the Austrian mammography screening and follows the guidelines of BuRa.

coordinated & paperless
With XR RIS manage you can define the output type and output time for results. Thus, it is already apparent when dictating whether the patient should receive the results immediately, at a specified time or less time-critical via email.

You can narrow your reporting list to specific investigations or filter by time limit. XR contains an automatic alarm & display of not diagnosed images. A attestation of the findings via electronic signature also saves unnecessary steps and paper.

Integrated feedback loops between RT's, doctors & secretariat allow a more coordinated and more coherent work.

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