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XR befunden BereichsiconA quick and efficient appraisal was the most important guideline in the development of the work area "report".

one-click operation

The patient only has to be selected once and an overview of the previous results and role models will automatically display, the scanned assignment, anamnesis sheets and external results are opened, the dictation is started and you immediately get gradable, optimally suspended images.

A built-in filter assorts the previous reports for suitable examinations. You get an overview of the age, previous assignments and diagnoses, any existing comments, up-to-date information and messages of the RTs and the urgency of the creation of reports. All with just one click or call by barcode.

interactive speech recognition

XR RIS speech recognize automatically converts naturally spoken dictations into text.

Dictation is interactive, i.e. you get immediate feedback on how well your speech is recognized (recognition rate of 99%) and where you currently are in the dictation. The dictation can be interrupted and resumed at any time. With a learning-tool that the doctor can use to correct misjudged words immediately, learning your language habits is even more accurate.

The manual and time-consuming transcription of reports is completely eliminated - this makes you independent in case of personnel shortages and helps to save time and money.

multisite appraisal

The XR RIS multisite commander offers you a flexible and cross-location diagnosis. The integrated location overview shows in real time how many results have to be dictated or vided at which location.

With just one click you can select the desired location and you are immediately involved in the respective workflow. The included "intelligent" image & voice data routing enables a smooth and fast work across all integrated locations.

The XR RIS multisite commander provides maximum flexibility in terms of deployment planning for the "resource doctor" - whether in case of routine diagnostics or specializations.

structured & template reporting

XR RIS offers the possibility to take over certain examination parameters & techniques, evaluations and entire reports directly from the modalities or evaluation stations by DICOM structured report into the report.

A so-called template reporting, a quick appraisal with ready-made report templates is also available. With this feature the exact same texts don’t have to be dictated over and over again. Only actual changing text passages are being dictated.

The effort to produce results can be significantly reduced and incorrect entries can be avoided.

efficient second appraisal 

XR RIS mammo allows to consult two doctors and include them during the reporting – you can also recall specific mamma-patients.

For an efficient second appraisal, XR has its own processing list, in which all cases are classified according to ACR & BIRADS. If there are different, discordant results between the first and second report, the reports are marked as "to be controlled" and then decided by consensus.

coordinated & paperless

With XR RIS manage the output type and output time for reports can be recorded. Even while dictating it is already visible whether the patient should get the results immediately, at a certain time or less time-critical, e.g. via TAN / SMS download.

You can restrict your report-list to specific examinations or filter it by time limit. XR includes an automatic warning & display of unexamined images. An attestation of the reports by an electronic signature also saves unnecessary detours and paper.

Integrated feedback loops between RTs, doctors & secretaries enable a more coordinated work.

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