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The D.A.T.A. team

Here we introduce our staff and their areas of responsibility. Use the respective e-mail adresses only in context of an existing personal contact. For other concerns, we are at your disposal under the addresses listed in the menu item contact.

Executive Board

DI Rainer Anzböck >
Managing Director

Eduardo B. Desits >
Managing Director

Ing. Moritz Kogler, LL.B. (WU) >
Member of Executive Board

Team Support

Günter Schmatz >
Team Leader Support, Supporter 2nd Level

Elisabeth Zeder-Donlic >
Team Leader Support, Supporter 2nd Level

Ralph Haas >
Supporter 2nd Level

Christina Hermann >
Supporter 1st Level

Wonmi Kang >
Supporter 1st Level

Lisa Lichtenschopf > 
Supporter 1st Level

Peter Neigenfind, B.Sc. >
Supporter 2nd Level 

David Nenezic > 
Supporter 1st Level - Trainee

Peter Putschek >
Supporter 1st Level

Team Project

Gerald Brunner >
Project Leader, Supporter 2nd Level

Sebastian Rainer >
Project Leader, Technician

Georg Senft, B.Sc. >
Project Leader, Software Developer

Team Marketing
Marketing, Key Account & Sales

Team Technics

Tobias Grubmüller>
Team Leader Technics, Technician

Günter Fasching >

Stephan Fuchs >

Abrar Mirza Kashif, M.Sc. >

Team Development RIS

Ing. Niklas Hackl >
Team Leader Development RIS, Software Developer

Philipp Gan >
Software Developer

Sebastian Petraschek > 
Software Developer

Team Development PACS

DI Lukas Rogl >
Team Leader Development PACS, Software Developer

Matthias Boindl, B.Sc. >
Software Developer

DI Dr. Peter Sanftmann >
Software Developer, MD under trade law for medical devices

Fjorda Stuck >
Software Developer 

Team Development WEB

Bernd Lukatschek, M.Sc. >
Team Leader Development WEB, Software Developer

Martin Spineth, M.Sc. >
Software Developer

Maxim Antonov >
Software Developer

Team Administration

Sandra Händler-Savanović >
Team Leader Administration, Medical Accounting

Claudia Burkert >
Administration, Medical Accounting

Stephanie Wipplinger >
Medical Accounting & Quality Management


Tina Albert (Medical Accounting)
Peter Anzböck (Technics)