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D.A.T.A. Corporation SoftwareentwicklungsGmbH
Invalidenstraße 5-7 / 4. Stock / Top10
1030 Wien - Austria

Support – Hotline:

Phone: +43 (0)660/ 12 14 458
Fax: +43 (1) / 710 36 31

The thelephonic support - hotline is your number for all your technical needs. She is available Monday through Friday from 8 to 18 clock and charged in case.

Via the email address you can contribute questions and comments about technical matters. Email messages are not treated with priority. Emails to the customer technical support are charged in case. Important things should be handled exclusively by telephone.

Faxes to our support department will be treated with priority only by appointment.

Business – Line:

Phone: +43 (0)664 / 422 57 37
Fax: +43 (1) / 710 36 31

The Business - Line is your number for administrative and business matters. The Business - Line is normally reachable Monday through Friday from 9 to 16 clock and in any case via voice mail around the clock. Of course, we will call you back as soon as possible.

Our faxnumber is availible 24/7 and can be used for written questions, etc. Important, near-term agreements should only be done by telephone. The email address is available for general inquiries and business issues.

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