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XR diagnose(n) BereichsiconXR PACS imagepro is a professional report and diagnostic software that leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to efficiency and handling.


XR PACS imagepro is a real multimodality diagnostic software which includes all the common tools and features that enable mixed findings of X-ray, mammography, sectional view, ultrasound, bone density & nuclear medical images.

Using the fully automatic image suspension via hanging protocols of XR PACS imagepro, you get optimally suspended, immediately gradable images, including the relevant role models of the patient.

An intuitive hanging protocol wizard allows you to create logs independently and save them to your personal preference.

multisite appraisal

In interaction with our XR RIS multisite commander, a flexible and cross-location image analysis is possible.

With just one click you can not only connect to the RIS of another location - the images required for the appraisal are also loaded to your workstation on-demand and are displayed in our XR PACS imagepro software.

The fully integrated RIS & PACS workflow incl. appraisal, attestation & image transfer offers you a familiar, fluid & uniform work "as locally" across multiple locations. The multi-site findings can be flexibly extended by further locations at any time.

clear & performant

XR PACS imagepro offers you a comprehensive and clearly structured overview of findings. With the help of large and faithful thumbnails you get an instant overview of the current image series and role models. The built-in navigation aids allow fast access and a quick location of relevant images.

XR PACS imagepro has a sophisticated charging logic, even large image studies are immediately displayed. Thanks to the 64-bit design, the work memory of your workstation is optimally utilized - even with large multi-frame images (for example tomosynthesis), the image suspension is extremely perfomant.

smart image display filter

The filters available in XR PACS imagepro support you with fast image search based on determinable criteria. You can simply go to a patient and then set filters. With the modality filter you can, for example, display all MR images of a patient. With the body type filter you can e.g. view all knee images of a patient - a combination of these filters (e.g., "show me all knee MRs of this patient") is also possible.

With the help of these smart filters, you get quick access to the patient's relevant study material - so you only see those images that you really want to see.

key-Images & ROI

Particularly relevant diagnostic images can be marked as "key images" and stored in a separate series. Particularly interesting image areas (ROI) can be highlighted with circles, ellipses, free-form curves or annotations. A center of gravity calculation and a surface and density calculation is takes place automatically.

Thus, when visiting the patient again, you can display these key images and compare them with the current images of the same region. The "prepared" images can also be provided for your referrers (for example via XR WEB) - that saves the time-consuming locating of the pathology for all participants and thus accelerates the diagnosis.

artificial-intelligence (AI)

Optionally, XR PACS imagepro supports you with AI algorithms in the creation of findings. 

For a conventional X-ray, e.g. an automatic classification of knee arthrosis, a determination of pediatric bone age, a pelvic & hip measurement and a lung x-ray diagnosis is available; in the sectional image appraisal, e.g. lesion detection in colo & Lunge, recist 1.1 follow-up, CT fractures, infarct, MR Mammo or MR Prostate.

You decide whether or not to accept the results of the AI support - the reports can be included in the findings fully automatically or manually. The solutions* can be used in-house or as a cloud service.

cross-sectional appraisal with 3D

XR PACS imagepro is optimized for handling large image volumes, enabling fast and efficient results, especially in cross-sectional areas.

The included automatic image analysis function is used to only find image areas with high dynamics and to display them automatically with the optimal windowing. Up to 24 image series per screen can be displayed simultaneously and scrolled through synchronously.

An optional 3D module enables the reconstruction (MIP & MPR) in real time - even large image series with very thin layers can so be processed quickly.

comprehensive mamma-diagnostics

XR PACS imagepro meets all the requirements and demands required in mamma-diagnostics and screening.

Comprehensive image editing functions such as windowing, mirroring, rotating and a stepless zoom are included, as well as hangings for 4-, 6- or 8-fold shots, implants, one- and two-sided, with and without comparison. In addition, ultrasound and MR mammograms can also be displayed.

A structured attention handling of the mammo images after quadrants & sextants including automatic stacking of the current images and role models is also possible.

CAD & tomosynthesis

Beyond conventional mammo-diagnostics, XR PACS imagepro also offers optional image recognition via CAD and image rendering for tomosynthesis.

With computer-assisted-detection (CAD), suspicious calcification or dense regions are marked with markers which can be faded in and out with overlays. In tomosynthesis, you can easily switch between 2D and 3D projections - and you can freely choose the slap thickness.

The CAD & Tomo functions can be used on any number of workstations.

X-ray & orthopedics

XR PACS imagepro provides all functions and features that are expected in the radiological-orthopedic practice.

Length & angle measurements e.g. for pelvic obliquity, AT / CE / CCD or acetabulum etc. are also available, as are density spot and density profiles incl. histograms. Windowing is possible both interactively and via predefined settings.

The image is displayed on one or various high-resolution monitors with 2 to 12 megapixels, a mixed operation is possible. Color and grayscale monitors are supported in portrait, landscape or widescreen format.

functional key pad

For an even more efficient reporting, you can use a freely configurable key pad tailored to your workflow.

This allows you to call up your most important or most frequently used functions by keystroke (e.g. angle measurement, magnifying glass, protocol change, mirroring, rotating, scrolling, windowing, etc.). With just one click you can also make a BIRADS or ACR classification.

The arrangement of the keys is quickly internalized and the use will become a matter of course - this makes editing functions much faster.

fully integrated solution

As the only provider in Austria, we offer RIS & PACS as a fully integrated solution with a common database. Each RIS patient is also a PACS patient - each workstation is a RIS & PACS station in one.

Elaborate and error-prone interfaces between different manufacturers (for example RIS from company A & PACS from company B) are completely eliminated due to the uniform database. This ensures a clear and reliable identification and assignment and the consistency of the patient-, image-, dictation- and findings data is given implicitly.

* project partners: MAIDx, ImageBiopsy Lab, InferVISION, Mint Medical, Quantib

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