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Service & Standards

service and standards

Customer service with high quality is our primary goal. Fairness, trust, reliability and sound advice is and was the basis for our success.


the D.A.T.A. service contract
The intention of the service contract offered by us, is to prevent all eventualities in connection with your EDP and provide solutions.

The D.A.T.A. service contract includes not only maintaining the system itself, but provides a wealth of multi-services:
> support hotline & business line> remote & onsite support> guaranteed response- and suburb times > emergency operations> software updates> financial benefits for products & services> system maintenanc

hotline and on-site support
Our hotline is available daily from Monday to Friday from 8-18 Clock. We guarantee a response time of 2 hours, a fixed suburb time of 12 hours and the production of a makeshift emergency operation also within 12 hours. 

In the normal case and to eliminate waiting periods, the reaction and suburb times are much shorter. To acute problems we will respond immediately and the vast majority of faults are, on average, within one hour fixed again. 

remote access and proactive system administration
The XR RIS, PACS & WEB products have a built-in support mode.

This remote access allows us in case of problems, and after consultation instant access to all installed programs and we can use it to remotely control your XR.

The delivery of our software includes our XR operations server. The XR operations server performs automatic system checks at regular intervals.

This system check includes a check of system utilization and the overall availability of installed products.

The XR operations server is responsible for the automatic execution of backup, recognizes software, hardware and operating system failures, crashed programs will restart by itself and executes automated database maintenance. 

In case of problems, we will be notified automatically via email.

updates, upgrades and discounts
To stay up to date you will be provided as a service contractor of us with free, quarterly updates.

These updates include both billing-, e-cards and program-related innovations. For an upgrade, that is, with an update of the software, eg by XR4 on XR5 we will give you 85% discount!!! on the retail sale price.

As D.A.T.A. service contractor, we also offer you discounted hourly rates for the services and attendances we offer. Furthermore, you are entitled to engage special discounts as part of best-price offers on our software products and hardware.

organizational consulting
The introduction and renewal of an IT system is a good opportunity to think about procedures and workflows which are grown over the years and to optimize them.

Specific detailed questions can disturb the overall structure of a surgery operation. To deal with such problems from the outset, you are advised and supported from us by request.

training & standby
With the training we offer you through our qualified and experienced training staff optimally trained in the program. In addition, we offer the services of "standby" for the initial phase.

This means that the operation proceeds without interruption and a qualified staff is present to immediately catch the start-up difficulties and uncertainties. The XR extensive and easily understandable online help and training materials are providing additional support.

switching service and hardware sales
If you are considering moving to our radiology software, we have endeavored to follow if technically possible, existing computer and printer, to save you costs. The adoption or importing of patient data and previous findings from any existing facilities is smoothly according to our often made experience.

To give you an attractive acquisition of hardware and enable a trouble free purchase (anything from a single source), we offer besides our software products, computers, monitors, printers, etc. to.

When buying hardware, you are not tied to us. The installation and configuration of computers and printers, installing the operating systems and software, and network configuration is conducted by us independent of the hardware dealer.

acceptance & constancy tests
To meet the quality requirements of digital reporting requirements, we take acceptance tests of all diagnostic worstations and regular constancy checks of the monitors accordingly § 16 and § 17 of the X-ray act-, quality assurance policy (QS-RL) by request.

Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise - IHE
Considering of the increasing interconnectedness of IT systems and especially for the department of radiology, medical standards are becoming increasingly important. IHE pursues the objective of a global, interoperable IT infrastructure and defines medical processes and the application of existing standards and norms.

The D.A.T.A. Corporation has relied consistently on established standards and on a IHE- and standards-based realization of product development. [more information]

compatible and standards compliant
The XR RIS, PACS & WEB products are able to support the DICOM* and HL7* standard. Our software is IHE-compliant * and thus well prepared for the implementation of ELGA.

Medical data transfers shall be in accordance with the guidelines of Magdalena2 exclusively via SSL & MPPE encrypted and authenticated internet connections. This allows a secure connection to external medical archives** and both a dispatch and reception of images and reports from medical data networks**.

Our XR software is compatible with all third-party systems and ensures the use of standard interfaces for seamless integration of the examination equipment, workstations and storage phosphor systems from different manufacturers***. All products are Windows-based and have been working with the latest generation of operating systems and server products****.

With the XR RIS, PACS & WEB products you have an open and modern platform, whose existence and further developmentis is secured. This means for you today to be prepared for the future and not least a high investment security.

* supported IHE-profiles: SWF, PIR, CPI, CDA, KIN, Mammography Image, XDS, XDS-i, PIX, PDQ, CT, ATNA. DICOM-standards: Worklist, Store, MPPS, Query-Retrieve, KOS, Presentation-States, Print, WADO Client & Server (http/https). HL7 versions: 2.3, 2.3.1, 2.4, 2.5 und 3.0
** examples of connected data networks and archives: A1 Telekom - DaMe, health-net, Siemens - AuRA, MedicalNet - HCS, tera.archiv - KAV-Vienna, marc Archive - Styrian hospitals, SALK - archive clinics Salzburg, Vinzenz group, GNV - Telerad Vorarlberg etc.
*** manufacturers which have been integrated into various projects from us: Agfa, Aycan, Carestream, Fuji, GE, Giotto, Hitachi, Hologic, Philips, Sectra, Siemens, Swiss-Ray, Tiani, Toshiba and many more
**** Microsoft Windows 7 & 10, Microsoft Office 2013 & 2016, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2 & 2016, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012, 2014 & 2016 und Microsoft Internet Information Server 7.5, 8.5 & 10

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