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XR anmelden BereichsiconXR RIS manage is the actual heart of our product range and integrates all work areas of your radiology.

integrated workflow

XR RIS manage is the centerpiece of our product range, it’s built process-oriented, clearly structured and integrates all work areas of radiology:

> plan > register > examine > report > document > invoice > evaluate > care

Our software can be used in radiology departments in hospitals, as well as in radiological specialist practices in ordinations, institutes, ambulances and multiple medical practices and already offers a variety of functions in the basic equipment.

XR RIS manage supports you in patient administration, manages the reports and images of your patients, organizes the process and the allocation of rooms within your radiology, helps investigating the anamnesis and diagnostic findings, ensures an efficient diagnosis, manages the status information of the examinations, images, dictations and results and prepares them for shipping.

In short: XR 5.8 is your comprehensive IT system and your intelligent backbone for all tasks in your daily work routine.

accelerated registering

The registration of a patient including data comparison is done simply by inserting the health insurance card. A traffic light system additionally supports you: Green = 100% match, Yellow = review required, Red = intervention required.

Due to the linkage with the patient data, which has already been made at the appointment, the examinations only have to be acknowledged when the patient arrives. All you have to do is to capture the assignment diagnosis, print a patient label, and eventually scan the assignment. The work lists for the respective examination devices are automatically filled by DICOM worklist.

paperless work

XR RIS manage gives you the possibility to scan all documents such as paper assignments, external previous reports, history sheets and to save them to the appropriate patient. Declarations of consent can be displayed on an electronic signature pad and be signed by the patient digitally. The information is deposited and stored in XR RIS management.

The papers are individually photographed by snap-shot scanner or automatically scanned in a batch. This electronic information is immediately available in all workspaces for the RTs, the diagnosing doctors and the transcriptionists. That way, a completely paperless workflow can be realized and the carrying of the various papers becomes obsolete.

informative & communicative

XR RIS manage is your in-house advice and information system and it helps you to avoid duplication, wrong examination sequences, unnecessary phone calls unnecessary paths. Similar to a docket it is possible to record daily information about a patient (difficult patient, after falling, lying, etc.). Certain users also have the option to send internal messages.

In addition, different types of report outputs can be gathered and highlighted in color: urgent, issuer, web download, e-mail, mail, etc. This important information is visible in all working environments and therefore it’s accessible for everyone who has something to do with the patient.


XR supports a patient-self-check-in. Just like at an airport, patients can confirm their arrival via touch screen (if they have previously booked an appointment by phone or via web-check-in) or arrange a new appointment quickly and easily. The process consists of the following 3 steps:

1. Inserting the health insurance card 
2. Confirming the master data & the appointment 
3. Information about the further procedure

That gives you the opportunity to reduce waiting times at the counter and to service your patients faster.

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