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5 Reasons

The integrated RIS, PACS & WEB XR 5.8 software is a unique product offered on the market, meeting and exceeding the highest demands in terms of function, efficiency, and handling. Below we have listed 5 “decisive” reasons for choosing XR 5.8


The XR RIS, PACS & WEB software makes it possible to map and integrate all radiology processes. This creates a uniform workflow, allowing the XR RIS, PACS & WEB software to be used with a single, homogenous user interface. In addition to the numerous other functions and features, this delivers a high user benefit.

Possible interfaces are fully integrated into the products or completely eliminated due to the uniform and comprehensive data model. In any case, XR 5.8 is designed to eliminate any separate integration and provide automatic integration instead.

In addition to our XR software products, we also offer the appropriate hardware and a full range of services (installation, customization, training, stand-by, IT & organization consulting, etc.).

Our most important goal is your satisfaction and therefore the corresponding customer support and high service quality. We offer a comprehensive service contract that includes not only the maintenance itself, but provides a wealth of added-value services as well.

The intention of the service contract offered by us is to prevent all eventualities and to provide you a contact person for all matters relating to your IT.

XR 5.8 Highlights:
> Integrated RIS, PACS & WEB
> Uniform workflow
> No interfaces
> Homogeneous use
> Great user Benefits
> High availability & competence of the support line
> Own business line for commercial Topics
> One contact for all of your IT questions
> Remote access & proactive Support
> Guaranteed response & on-site times
> Emergency operation & uptime guarantee
> Free software updates
> Highly discounted upgrades
> Discounted products & services
> All in one solution


For over 16 years, the XR products have been continuously and actively developed in close cooperation with our customers and equipped with the latest functions and features.

We are always trying to find new ways to automate, optimize, and make workflows more efficient. Finally, our mission is to provide you with software that optimally supports and helps you and is thus a valuable asset for you.

Our RIS, PACS & WEB software is already the 5th version of our XR software and represents the latest generation of software products. Moreover, we always insist on the latest technology for any hardware, thirdparty software, and operating systems. The XR RIS, PACS & WEB products provide you with an open and modern platform guaranteed to be further developed and viable in the future. This means you can already be prepared for the future today and that your investment is secure.

XR 5.8 Innovations:
> Appointment scheduling for patients via Internet (e.g., mammography)
> SMS appointment reminder incl. response Option
> Patient Self-Check-In
> Electronic assignment, transmitting images & findings
> Paperless workflow & electronic patient file
> Speech recognition with SpeechMagic7
> Web reporting with dictation option (radiology)
> Web image viewing in diagnostic quality (
> Multi modality diagnostic with 3D & CAD
> I mage processing for tomosynthesis
> Second opinion reporting & mammogram Screening
> Targeted documentation for referring physicians
> Touchscreen & keypad Operation
> Cockpit reporting using voice Control
> IHE standards compliant & certified
> Win 7, Win- / SQL-Server 2008, Office 2010


A fast and user-friendly interface was the main objective for the development of XR 5.8. A uniform user interface makes XR easy to use in spite of the many features and functions of the software.

XR 5.8 is structured procedurally oriented, offers rolebased access to all relevant information and tools, and is clearly divided into the different areas of medical administration:

> plan > register > examine > report > document > invoice > evaluate > care

The high degree of automation of XR 5.8 makes it possible to use the most important functions without or only 1 or 2 clicks. Touchscreen, keypad, or voice are additional input and control options.

Examples of click efficiency with 0 clicks:
> Patient file opened by inserting patient-card
> Placing patient on PACS worklist
> Patient master-PACS data synchronization
> Dosage logging
> Findings & image transmission via fax & e-mail
> Findings dispatch, BI-RADS score sending
> Preparing patient CD incl. preview images and findings

Examples of click efficiency with 1 click:
> Opening next patient file for finding report
> Start dictation together with image call & preview
> Completing findings report or validating
> Filtering preliminary findings
> Hanging protocol change > Merging duplicate patient files with patient-card
> Simultaneous scanning & label printing



Due to using the latest technologies and because of the high degree of integration and automation, XR will help you to save entire work steps, as well as time and money. XR 5.0 has been proven to accelerate work processes and provides perfect support for every radiologist who wants to work systematically and efficiently.

XR 5.8 Ratio:
> More throughput and better use of space due to time resource, and staff management
> The fastest search for and scheduling of appointments even with complex queries also via Internet
> Accelerated registration with patient-card, electronic assignment & self-check-in
> Higher apparent value due to exact exam and diagnostic documentation and accurate billing
> Better process organization with in-house info system & patient tracking including color-coded system
> At least 40% time savings, higher detection and immediate findings reporting with new speech recognition
> Flexible multi-modality diagnostic including teleworking, Web dictation & second view
> Paperless workflow & electronic validation including findings versioning
> Targeted documentation prepared specifically for referring physicians
> Higher patient loyalty through recalll & SMS
> Meaning- & powerful evaluations & controlling



The XR products are used in radiological departments in hospitals as well as physician offices and institutions, outpatient clinics, medical centers, and group practices in the fields of x-ray, mammography, ultrasound, CT, MRI, NMD, therapeutical, or osteopathy. The XR products are well suited for small as well as large radiology offices and facilities due to their excellent scalability.

XR helps you to schedule appointments and assists you with patient administration, manages the data of your patients, organizes the process and the allocation of space within your radiology department, assists in documenting medical histories and findings and manages the status information of exams and diagnostic procedures. XR includes expert findings and diagnostic imaging, archives images, dictations and findings, and prepares them for transmission, offers extensive statistics and controlling functions, and - last but not least - ensures an accurate invoicing and conforms with the specifications of the insurance provider.

In short, XR 5.8 the integrated RIS, PACS & WEB software is your comprehensive IT system and your intelligent backbone for all tasks of your daily work routine.