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XR archivieren BereichsiconXR PACS archive is an extremely competitive digital image archive in terms of functionality, stability and price.

standard quality components

Due to its great scalability, XR PACS archive is ideal for both smaller and larger radiology applications.

We are certified partners of various major hardware manufacturers - through the use of standard quality components, we are able to offer you digital image archives with extensive functionality at reasonable prices.

XR PACS archive is a disk-based or SSD-based online archive and uses a so-called RAID system (redundant array of independent disks) - high-capacity storage, good reliability and easy extensibility characterize this technology.

scalable & compatible

Depending on the construction and size of the RAID archive, the images can be stored online for 5-30 years. With the JPEG-lossless image compression supported by XR PACS archive, at least half the storage space can be saved with 2 to 4x compression. Furthermore, the used RAIDs can be cascaded, so that the storage space can be multiplied at constant cost.

XR PACS archive can be used to define how long certain studies should remain available online. Older, diagnostically no longer relevant image material is long-term archived or saved on streamer tapes. Such LTO tapes have a 30-year durability guarantee and are also legally acknowledged as a long-term archive. This backup and archiving method is a much cheaper one-off investment compared to external archiving, especially in the long term and because of ongoing costs. In addition, data sovereignty remains with you and is not outsourced.

XR PACS archive archives images of all common modalities*, imaging systems* and post-processing workstations*. The integration of various examination devices or the image access to workstations and archives of third-party manufacturers* takes place via XR PACS store & query using the corresponding DICOM standards**.

automated & performant

XR PACS archive enables an automated image distribution within your radiology. For patients with an appointment, prefetching takes place before the patient arrives at the ordination - the role models are retrieved automatically, without manual intervention, and preloaded at the respective reporting sites. Current image studies are distributed to all or dedicated diagnostic workstations immediately after the examination. This means that all images are available for appraisal and that there are no waiting times when calling up the images.

XR PACS archive can be used to actively control the image streams using a configurable control system. This achieves a consistently good performance with simultaneous archiving, image distribution and prefetching - even with the integration of external long-term archives. Even in large radiological facilities with fully digital equipment and examination techniques with a high number of images, the transmission of individual image studies from the modality, via the archive, to the workstations only takes about 1.5 minutes on average.

XR PACS archive supports the DICOM-WADO standard. This technology is used especially in web applications. The dynamic adjustment of image compression selects the optimal mix of image quality and speed. This enables fast access to all image data available in the online archive. This way, a connection of DICOM viewers from other manufacturers (for example OsiriX) can also be realized.

electronic patient file

XR RIS manage has an integrated electronic patient file that enables a better overview of the growing number of medical documents.

All documents and images that are introduced from outside or are created during the examination are classified by type and archived in a structured form to the patient. An archiving period can also be specified. Thus, the archive only grows in really necessary dimensions.

Such functions are becoming more and more important, especially because of the associated data volume.

* Manufacturers who have been connected by us in various projects: Agfa, Aycan, Carestream, Fuji, GE, Giotto, Hitachi, Hologic, Philips, Sectra, Siemens, Swiss-Ray, Tiani, Toshiba, u.a.m.
** DICOM standards: Worklist, Store, MPPS, Query-Retrieve, KOS, Presentation-States, Print, WADO Client & Server (http / https). Supported IHE profiles: SWF, PIR, CPI, CDA, KIN, Mammography Image, XDS, XDS-i, PIX, PDQ, CT, ATNA.


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