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Suite or Select?

The XR product range opens up a wealth of possibilities - depending on your needs, requirements and demands.

We want our software products to support you as much as possible and help you to move forward. This only works with solutions that truly suit you.

The XR RadiologySuites are for those who would like to have an „all in one“ solution. They form a sophisticated compilation of our proven individual products.

We have designed 8 suites for different needs and requirements and tailored them to the required number of modalities, PCs and workstations. The modular design of XR Radiology Suites is designed to provide you with easy decision-making and cost-transparent solutions.

For those who prefer flexibility and independency, there is XR RadiologySelect. Depending on whether a certain software is still missing or whether you want to replace an old version, you can simply choose from the large number of individual components in our product range.

Of course, you can also purchase our RIS, PACS & WEB products independently and use them in combination with third-party manufacturers (for example, only RIS, only PACS or only WEB).

In addition to our XR software products, we also offer the appropriate hardware such as computers, servers, (diagnostic-) monitors, printers, peripherals and much more.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us by email at or by phone at +43 (0) 664/422 57 37 to arrange a non-binding information- or consultation interview..

XR RIS, PACS & WEB products




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