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the integrated RIS, PACS & WEB


The D.A.T.A. Corporation is represented with her current product generation at several events. Convince yourself of our latest developments... more >

About us

The D.A.T.A. Corporation AUTOMED has specialized in the development of high-end solutions to the radiology facilities. Our software solutions are tailored to the special needs and requirements of radiology... more >

XR 5.7 - the integrated RIS, PACS & WEB

5 reasons for XR 5.7

The integrated RIS, PACS & WEB XR 5.7 software is a unique product offered on the market, meeting and exceeding the highest demands in terms of function, efficiency, and handling. Below we have listed 5 "decisive" reasons for choosing XR 5.7... more >


onsidering the increasing importance of networking of IT systems, medical standards are more and more important... more >

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"Wir vertrauen seit über 20 Jahren auf die XR Produktlinie. Die Software hat bedeutend zum Aufbau unseres Institutes beigetragen."
OA. Dr. W. Drahanowsky, Diagnose Zentrum

"After all these years working with your system in Mitralis (Kerkrade, Netherlands) I wanted to let you and your colleagues know how much I have appreciated your quality efforts right from the start until now! Thank you for your assistance at the formation of our Mitralis project on a solid basis. It was and still is a pleasure to work with your XR-software."
Iván de Ploeg M.D., co-founder Mitralis Diagnostisch

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